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prickly pear rose and the petals of the sun, meekah sage, photography

{ Note: last summer this blog ran briefly under the name Prickly Pear Rose & The Petals of The Sun before just simplifying it to Meekah Sage Art & Legend for ease of identifying what this website is about….but i love the images and story so much, I decided to leave it published!}

The Birth of A Name : Prickly Pear Rose & The Petals of The Sun

I am so glad you decided to join me on this journey! You see, since December of 2014 I have been enveloped in the roles of dutiful, devoted, care-giver, supporter, nurturer and all around student of surviving the throes of chaos. Waves of uncertainty and instantaneous change cursed through my life as I mid-wifed the death of a dear friend. Upon his passing, our family became completely responsible for all of his after-death arrangements. We took on preserving his living legacy and choosing what was to be discarded. We laid him to rest and two days later I was evicted from the house I had been renting for two years.

The universe had finally dictated that I leave the “womb”. The hill, mountain wilderness that was my home and place of present evolutions for over four years could no longer hold the expansions my spirit was longing for.  During this time of transition, all my creativity subsided. I lacked inspiration, ideas and motivation. I simply had no time for myself or my connection to the divine. Every moment was filled with caring for others and frantically finding some place to live for myself, animals and children.

This I say to you,

” In those times when it seems like all is being lost..hold on…believe…don’t give up…Indeed it will all start new again, eventually”

And so it is. From the dark, decaying depths of fecundity new life emerges. Such is the story on that unassuming day in June when the moon was new and Jupiter met Venus in her pale hopeful light. I was gifted a vision of magic, glitter, enchantment & play.

 I awoke early in our current home, a 28ft Airstream parked  at an RV campground. The sun was still low in the sky, early dawn. The air cool and a misting of dew lay sprinkled on all the plants wise enough to catch and hold it’s life giving essence. I knew this was one of those moments in photography that we refer to as “magic hour”.  Quickly, I snatched up my camera, told the girls I’d be back in a bit and headed up into the dense pinion in search of budding cactus flowers!

I was in the mood to be enchanted!

What a delightful sensation as the desire had been missing for so long. Instantly grateful that I was still able to feel it.

My instinctual calling did not go unrewarded! Every step I took, my breath left my body with such an air of awe that it created more room inside for my soul to receive the unlimited abundance of beauty laid before me. I knew the desert held such treasures, I grew up here after all, but this encounter was different.

I was the one who was NEW. I was seeing with new eyes, a starving spirit, and the curiosity of a woman who felt attached to nothing longing for something even deeper and more expansive.

prickly pear rose and the petals of the sun, birthing a name, meekah sageprickly pear rose and the petals of the sun, birthing of a name, meekah sagepink roseprickly pear rose and the petals of the sun, birthing of a name, meekah sage

The entire landscape was intoxicating! I was drawn in further, deeper as the outside world fell away.  Until one glistening petal caught my eye. It was different from all the rest. She was BOLD! FULL! Alone, existing amongst the sea of pinks,  peaches, and soft canary yellows, one flower had the courage to stand out in authentic expression!

I tip-toed through the valley of prickly pears until I reached her throne beneath a pinion tree laced in glistening gold spider webs.

She let me capture her essence through the lens until I had exhausted every angle. Finally, she beckoned,

“Put it down. Sit still here with me. Sink deeper into your root…………deeper. Down into your root chakra”

I devoted my attention to coming into communion with the divine petals of a Sun Goddess .


With each breath I spiraled down my center until I was rooted into the earth. Facing her bright red bloom, I placed the bottoms of my feet together and let my knees gently fall open to the side. A posture that allowed me to receive all of her raw feminine wisdom with each rise and fall of my chest. It was then, the material world fell away. The golden threads of the spider web broke apart into a million tiny glitter balls.What happened from there will remain my own personal treasure. Something I don’t do often enough, hold treasures simply for the benefit of my own being.

My time spent in her presence was a heart expanding fairy tale beyond anything I could imagine. I entered what I believe to be an expression of eternal life.  A gift was bestowed to me that day and I came away with a knowing that I must carry this gift forward out into the world. As I walked back to my physical domain, all the visions and beauty integrated into my being, I saw all the divinity from my vision laid out before me in the prickly pear roses.

I knew then without a doubt, this was my NEW calling! The inspiration had returned! The desire awakened! The years of cultivating and sowing so many seeds finally sprouting, beckoning to bloom.

This website is the home of that calling. I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to share it. And I am forever grateful for its reception.


Welcome to Prickly Pear Rose & The Petals of The Sun

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