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I have had a desire to dive into the art of “book” or “journal” making for quite some time.  However, living in 200 sq. ft creates a challenge in terms of “studio” space and available resources in order to manifest certain ideas.  So, when the girls and I scoured the clearance aisles of Michael’s one day, I was thrilled to find this mini-book kit! It was perfect! A chance to get my feet wet creating a book without needing a full studio space within which to work. Also, it incorporated one of my favorite past times……..Collage! The project took two hours to complete and offered priceless nourishment for my creative soul that had been longing to work in a physical format since moving into the Airstream. Such a little piece of beauty she turned out to be. A treasure to remind me of the spark of creativity that longs to go bigger…expand….Yet, honoring the space that exists in the present and allowing it to provide all that is needed in the moment.