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Living in an Airstream is valued for mobility, ease and style in which one can traverse earth’s magnificent surface. New Mexico is known for its vast and expansive enchanting landscapes. There is something ancient, timeless soul awakening here. It’s one of the reasons I came back after traveling and living in such beautiful places as California, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona and even ALASKA!

It is truly why it’s been difficult just to leave this State even though the mighty Airstream is ready to carry me anywhere I choose at any given moment. Every square mile in this ever changing diverse Southwest landscape beckons, no…entrances one into diving deeper into space until there is no space and before you know it, years have passed and you are still in the same location, only to have merely scratched the surface of discovery.
It is intoxicating.

There is an are we stop often on our journeys to the Northern portion of the state. It was home and inspiration to the famous painter Georgia O’Keeffe and many of her creative cohorts and lovers at various times. It is known as Abiquiu or Ghost Ranch. Old wind swept sandstone mesas, hoodoos, and valleys stand at the gate. Layers of rock and sediment exposed, Mama earth’s insides vulnerable revealing the millions of years of change she has endured. Valley’s miles across where once large glacial lakes staked claim and later dinosaurs roamed in search of the greenest ferns to eat. Later the two-leggeds arrived, etching the beginnings of their conscious minds on the soft sandstone walls left behind where the glacier had melted.

There is no other way to describe this valley than Alien, another planet, and yet it is more home than anywhere I know. We often “pit-stop” at a pull out known as Echo Amphitheater. It is this magnificent landscape that holds a huge carved out half hole where water once flowed against the rock face. You can walk right up to the mouth of it and make any sound to your heart’s content and it will echo for at least 6 seconds. When humans aren’t playing with this over-sized megaphone, the crows take their crack at it. It is magnificent to hear the crow’s call at such magnitude as he plays on the air currents caught up in the towering sandstone bowl.
My breath is taken from my very being every time we visit this special place.

Each time we stop I linger longer and longer. Exploring. Harvesting a wee bit of large Sage Brush, listening to the crows, mesmerized by the clouds and the overwhelming sense that I am being watched by those from “her-story”.

There is an area for overnight camping.

I’m sure this will be my ultimate calling before the winter snows set in.

Who knows, I might even loose track of time…………..

At one time, the Airstream felt large to me. But, up against this massive scene, she is dwarfed. A reminder of our lives as a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm.