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I am a seeker, a wanderer…

Venturing to the outer lands or following a forgotten trail

or perhaps leaving the trail altogether and ambling deeper into the solitary woods

so as to only hear the spirit of place

to hear my own voice

such is the nature of all wild things!

Saying a vow to follow my inner most instinctual callings

committed to a life of manifesting the most primal of creative desires

owned only by inspiration

such is the nature of all wild things!



I am constantly humbled by magic. ( In my case, often I feel it as my ancestral stories coming through the present). It doesn’t matter how many synchronicities I may experience in a day, I stand in awe suspended beyond disbelief EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Just yesterday, I wandered the woods above the campground where the Airstream is currently parked. Generally, we walk the little nature trail that encompasses the 20 acre site. This time however, true to our natures, we headed off path, under a barb wired fence and down the arroyo.  We stopped and found a sitting spot upon the soft pine needle blanket beneath a pinion grove. Freya and I sat in silence cracking the fresh fallen pine nuts that had fallen to the earthen floor. Savoring every little bit of rich nutty inside we could manage. (Yes, Freya eats them too. Albeit , she eats the nut AND the shell!). We reveled in the beauty of the songs of crow and raven.

I was so inspired…..and so grateful. Until recently, my connection to the land and my ancestral mythology was put on the back burner. Present day realities, you know.  But, around this time of year, nearing the holiday of Samhain, the calling becomes so loud and incessant that I can do nothing but drop everything else in order to answer. Sometimes that entails shifting everything cultivated during late summer and early fall.  I never regret it…afterall, it is most common that I will discover a new path to follow anyway during these “homecomings”.

Later that evening I created the new seasonal header for this site. Honoring the voice of raven and the unruly beautiful mystical voice of the woods. The voice of the wanderer. of Odin.

Today, I went back to the woods. Retraced my footsteps. A fallen raven feather on my path. Stories, inspiration, ideas and WYRD flood my insides. The view everywhere I turn, an uncanny resemblance to the header I created the day before.

Laughing out loud, something akin to a Loki riddle … the mirror in my outer world mirrors my inner world and nothing else matters. Nothing, because they are aligned and they are mine and THEY are true and THEY matter. These aligned worlds matter because it means I will live another day to be humble, creative, inspired, and suspended beyond disbelief!

odin feathwe