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 Norse Roots I didn’t choose this tree to be where I tap into my Norse roots. It chose me. It stands far back in my wild woods in a sacred meadow where only those that need to go deeper venture.

It’s purpose, I’ve come to learn is to set me free.

I call it my Odin tree. My Yggdrasil. This meadow that houses ye ‘ole elm tree has become my heart, family, tribe, ancestors…my lover. Here, I am free to play, love, laugh, explore, create, be amazed.

Here, I get to let go of all my inhibitions, my judgements. I listen for the messages and act on inspiration climbing, crawling, rolling around with camera in hand. It was the first place I ever stopped to rest when I began exploring these woods over three years ago. I remember rounding the bend in the trail on a mid-morning walk, lost in my thoughts, probably pondering my sorrows. When I looked up this beautiful green leafy tree glowed under a yellow sun. It stuck out like a ancient temple amongst all the evergreens. It was breathtaking, serene, powerful. It was the keeper of its domain and the center of the meadow’s Eco-system.

The only thing I could do was walk right up to it and wrap my arms around its trunk and squeeze. I noticed a low hanging sturdy branch that begged to be hung from with glee. When I finally was relaxed enough, I laid in the grass on my back at its base and stared up into its sky reaching branches. I was only just beginning to embark on my study of the runes then. This was way before I began handcrafting my own rune sets. I recognized the script as the symbols used in the ancient Norse alphabet unveiled themselves in every branch and twig. And, in the trunk of this magnificent tree, I swear I saw a one-eyed bearded man staring down at me.

Norse Roots

Now, this is where I spin until I am dizzy or an unassuming prickly pear cactus half buried by sand pushed over it in recent monsoon rains pierces my soft tender bare foot.

Norse Roots Free

The toxins released by the healing acupuncture of the cactus is drawn out and cleansed by crystal clear cold rain water sitting trapped in a small circle of stones.

In this sacred meadow is where I can hug my Odin tree………..and it hugs back!

Here, dandelions bloom and seed and wait for me to make wishes. And it is here that I can actually see and feel them coming true!

Here, I find my true North Node and the meaning of life is reflected in my outer world the exact same way it feels in my inner world.


This ancestral home is where I am spiritually, emotionally, physically, and creatively RICH.

feather necklace

It is here, under my Odin tree, that I learn exactly why I am on this earth. My purpose revealed and without hesitation or doubt or fear…….I become confident in my wisdom gained and intuitively understand what I am supposed to do with it.

Norse Roots Free

Here……….Crow calls back in approval, affirming my reality.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I only wish to continue adding more of “Here” in my life.