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It is important to remember that life is responding to us EVERYDAY! The Universe is always listening and it proves it by manifesting reflections on earth in our everyday existence. If we pay attention, stay present in the moment, get out of our heads and into our world, these little signs appear seamlessly.

I believe in using tools. This human life is hard enough to navigate on our own.  The Cosmos is HUGE and we have only a small understanding of how it operates.  Everyday we are given the opportunity to step out into our individual maps of “being”. Which way do we go? Where do we stop and rest? Who or what do we  look for when needing assistance?

I LOVE reading the Runes and the Tarot as a navigation system on this journey! They provide cool background story, ancient time tested insights, and diverse amazing artwork for inspiration.

But, the coolest thing ever is when the messages from these tools align with quick and literal responses from the physical world! Usually I receive them through nature. This, in my opinion, is the most powerful kind of synchronicity! It is GAIA and the COSMOS and archetypal human story yelling loud and clear,

” This is not ALL in your head! It does manifest! So pay attention! What are you creating?  You better be conscious about it, because we will deliver!”

For example, the other day I pulled the Justice card.  The meaning of this card asked that I consider the idea of Karma in my life.  Everything we say, think, and do comes back around to be experienced again. What karma was I continually creating for myself and what patterns was I stuck in?  Where had I become out of balance?

Shadowscapes Tarot Deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

So, I took a walk in the woods because my current reality had become inundated with reflections of shadow, fear and doubt.  I wanted to consider what in myself was missing that could bring me back into balance. What did I need to see and understand about my own resistance and blocks about being in positive flow in my life.

Kid you not, five minutes into my walk I noticed the remains of what appeared to be the annihilation of a bird.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was the remnants of an owl kill.  Generally, when an owl unsuspectingly nabs another bird for prey there tends to be nothing left but an explosion of feathers.

As I moved closer,  I recognized the feathers to be that of a dove. You know, the bird of  “peace and love”. At my feet lay a feather with equal halves black and white.  For me, I knew immediately what this meant. I understood on a deep and intuitive level where things had weighed heavy to one side. There was no denying the reflection.  In order to regain balance back into my life in the areas of peace and love, I was going to have to get off the karmic wheel, and create new experiences,  shift my perspective, and take new action.

There was no “reasoning” my way out of this one!