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It has been one of those days, a day that defies all reason! It’s April (2013). You know, when it snows and thunders at the same time. When the wind howls in a massive black storm and by evening you’re walking under blue skies and a sunset. When there is snow on the ground and weighing heavy on the trees, but you don’t need a coat or gloves or hat because the air is warm and balmy and loving.  When you find the most magical space among the Ponderosa Pine Trees, a place you’ve never encountered before, where the crow calls out your name and the snow falling from the trees hangs briefly on that one sun ray turning even the most non-believers into believers. Magic, Fairy Dust, Tree People, Animal Familiars, a living breathing universe void of human veils and illusions! Where anything you can imagine is possible and REAL. It has been one of those days!