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had a friend call me today at the end of their rope. I could hear in their words the types of thoughts they were having and in their voice the emotion is was creating. This person was fed up with how their current life looked. They were tired of the same old repeating pattern, thought, action, physical aspects of their life and emotion. The cycle was  keeping them exhausted, hurting, pessimistic, feeling hopeless and limited.

Now, I’m not one to preach, rather one who shares.  I have only begun to master my mind at this point in the game of life. But, I understand their position, I recognize it.  I myself am only at the first level out of that same position.  So, I”m not sure I was in any position to teach.  But as a friend,  I felt I had some wisdom and guidance to share based on the recent outcomes of my personal experimentation with change.

The first step to change is recognizing what you don’t want based on what you are currently experiencing.  Then ask yourself what is it  that you DO want!

Like This:

” What is it that you really really want?”

This is the hard part. This is where we tend to go big, ambiguous, vague, very far future oriented.  Then we feel overwhelmed by our own desires. As a result we quit before we begin.

So Break It Down! (and if you want to be obvious,  just look at the opposite of what you have, do, think or feel now that makes you think your life is shit)

I’m only making these suggestions, because they were made to me! So, I’m passing them on. You of course can fill in your own answers. But, please form it in a statement of what it is you most DESIRE! Desire is where the passion is. Passion becomes creation. Creation becomes manifestation into reality. (Don’t believe me? Think about what’s involved in making a baby!)

Make Your List!

:: I desire good health  :: I desire joyful, fun, passionate relationships! :: I desire to do work that aligns with my soul purpose :: I desire to discover my soul purpose :: I desire to have my car in good working order :: I desire to make a difference in this world :: I desire to spend more time with my family :: I desire to be a better parent, partner, lover, friend, etc…. :: I desire to travel :: I desire a freakin’ awesome camera/video camera :: I desire to be at peace in my heart :: I desire to catch up on my bills ::  I desire to get out in nature more:: I desire to swim 3 days per week:: I desire to eat something other than sandwiches everyday:: and on and on, you get the idea. go big but also look at small details that affect your everyday well-being.

These are just suggestions to get you thinking about what YOU desire!

Then do something everyday that keeps you aligned with your new desires. I like to make vision boards because I am a visual artist and I need to SEE what my desires look like. I look at my vision board everyday and it helps me make choices and take action throughout the day that bring me closer to those desires.  I also work with affirmation cards to help me move through those times when I start to doubt I won’t get to experience my desires, or they aren’t coming fast enough.  Maybe you’re not a visual person, maybe you like sound. You could start your day with the same song that makes you FEEL your desires you want to manifest. A song that has lyrics that keep you pumped up at experiencing this new life you desire!

No matter what, find something that resonates with YOU!

You’ll be surprised when you 1.) get clear about your desires  and 2). focus on them in some way everyday, the amount of inspiration, ideas and support that will start to come through to help you get from point A to point B.

So, I know this is a really fucking cheesy song and it’s 80’s  and all ( or maybe it was 90’s, my memory is failing me now) but seriously, listen to it from the perspective as if you were singing it to yourself! Or even that version of yourself you desire is singing it to you now! Hmmmmmmmm

AW Screw it…just get up and dance to the Spice Girls already!~ You’ll feel better, I promise