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3 months into my 4oth year, I find myself pondering during my daily earth wanderings.Life and spirit seems to be pulling me towards simplicity.

I am drawn to the awareness of how little muck my mind has to wade through in order to be at peace in the moment.

I notice the simplicity of the season’s colors, textures, the smell of woodsmoke on the air.

Earth cycles changing, the last leaves hanging on to the branch that nurtured it to full expression.

A moonrise while the sun sets blending the perfect alchemy

between light and shadow……..shadow and light.

I realize that this is the cycle of life, everyday, every year, repeat, over and over and if not CARE-FULL becomes mundane.

Create! The pure raw essential simple calling of our being.

If we are not creating in productive ways……..we create drama, pain, trauma and suffering. It’s like we can’t help it. We HAVE to be creating SOMETHING.

In my pondering on my wanderings, I find comfort in knowing I’d rather create with intentions to heal, grow, empower, inspire, and love. Always in honor of and in reverence to the natural world. Our natural selves.

For, when creation stops………there is no more……..

I ask in my mind walking up the hill back to my home,

“What is my next great gift to the world?”

I don’t wish to repeat but rather start anew.

photographs, words, story

spirit of place, inspiration, physical manifestations

they weave together

into a tapestry of time




My wanderings and pondering

into a tapestry

less arguing, and being principled

no more resistance or badgering or having to be right

no more down talk, doubt, or second guessing

life is intended to be simple

there is beauty in that.

simplicity simplicity simplicity simplicity simplicity simplicity simplicity simplicity