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abby exuberant in grassWhen was the last time you were moved?

I mean, REALLY moved. Moved so deep on the inside that an unknowable turning began to stir.

As this mysterious sensation stirred, it grew and grew like a whirlpool. Maybe even into a hurricane.

This storm grew until it filled your belly so full it had no where else to go but up through your throat where it transformed into a knot. All that swelling and building pushed by so much passion suddenly had to funnel down through a small tube a fraction of its immense size.

And for a moment you had the conscious choice to either dam it all up…push it back down….or

Open the flood gates and let it RISE.

Rise up past the knot, up past your mouth, nose, ears, until it found the one portal through which it could fit and ultimately ……….

RELEASE, in a flowing uncontrollable stream of tears.

But, not tears of sadness, for at the same time a smile began to lift across your cheeks.

Maybe to your surprise, a giggle escaped your pressed lips. And if you had opened enough to allow for a giggle, then certainly it would be OK if that whirlpool became a full blown belly laugh mixed with deep gasps and sobs of illuminated fullness.

The moment goes as quickly as it began and you realize that the entire event was indeed the divine heart of the universe blasting through your tiny human body. Yet, even more fascinating is the fact that your tiny human body was able to express such an emotion. Now, you have no choice but to be changed forever. The imprint which remains becomes a defining aspect of your entire matrix, your cellular make-up.

At this point, your mind jumps in and questions. Question if the thing that originally caused such a moment to happen should be pursued further. Explored until a deeper meaning can be revealed. A more expansive relationship can be cultivated.

Or perhaps, the movement itself was the whole point.