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So, with the New Year comes the rampant belief that we need to create New Year expectations.  There are blogposts, offerings, classes, workbooks, quotes and much more being posted all over the net daily about creating a New Year and New You…or improved you.  It’s a bit overwhelming. But, I’m down. I mean I’m all for making this next year more incredible and memorable than the last. Hopefully, in mostly amazing good ways. I also find this time of year to be challenging when it comes to attempting to hone down what this new becoming looks like.

The days are short, light is hard to come by. Much of time is spent in the dark shadowy spaces, hibernation and dream lands. These are important spaces to delve into when considering New Year New You ideas. Afterall, it’s those shadowy spaces that hold the key to things we want to change, let go of, give new life to, or simply just honor they are along for the ride..significant or otherwise.

shadow and lightw

meekah sage art and legend clarity

↑I’ve noticed the elemental treasures in my sacred home space reflect these sentiments↑

signature xs

SO! One of my favorite things to do to aid this process is participate in my dear friend, painter, tarot reader, tarot deck creator Lisa De St. Croix’s Tarot Wheel of The Year workshop! The workshop focuses on creating a loose structure, or at least theme, that will be traveled through during this process of becoming anew. Her workshop is clear, straightforward, intuitive and inspiring. The wheel I created last year was so incredibly accurate that I will take this year’s even more seriously. By accurate, I mean the themes that came up in my daily life correctly corresponded with each point of the wheel and the theme of the card that was chosen to be there. These cards were focus points essentially keeping me on track with growing in a forward momentum throughout the year. This wheel was my map to staying connected to my personal compass pointing to true North instead of being swept away in the waves of chaos that came through each season.

This year’s intention was simple. I had experienced so much loss and change over the previous year, that I just asked to FIND clarity on what it was I wished to focus on. My overall sense of self had been put on the back burner in order to be a support system for everyone else in my intimate corner the previous 365 days. I felt it was time to GET CLEAR on ME! Especially the parts that are creative artistic and wanting to build long lasting foundations in this arena.

↓ And… my wheel emerged ↓

wheel of the year

Mirraculously…kinda..the card that placed itself at Winter Solstice representing the time from December 21 – February 2nd? The ace of swords!  YEP! That card is the epitome of getting clear and focused on an idea that will ultimately come to fruition! It also just so happens that Mercury is retrograde until January 25th, providing the perfect opportunity to rehash, rethink, re-go-over, re-consider, re-do these ideas to avoid blasting them out into the world prematurely and scattering myself!

And that is exactly what I am doing.

Taking this time to really hone down and get clear on what it truly is I want to focus on carving out for myself this year. Instead of rushing to decide on that one fateful day of January 1st.

I’ve noticed that each time I give attention to this process, my external surroundings reflect back that indeed the path is getting brighter…clearer…more focused.

meekah sage clarity light focus