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There are just mornings that won’t let you rise. When your eyes are heavy with sleep and dream despite the sun’s efforts to pry your eyelids open. There are winter days when the only place you wish to be is deep in the cave…… the bear………hibernating, dreaming.

Times when you just can’t muster the strength to throw back the warmth that kept you nestled all night, despite the long lingering to-do list in your mind. Those moments when the deep shadowy spaces of this post override any alarm sound designed to spring you to your feet and attack the day with pure YANG energy.

So, instead of raising the blinds, you slowly rub your fingertips deep into the entrancing visioning Ajna balm created by wise woman Darcey Blue at Shamanaflora and rub it into your temples, forehead, neck and shoulders. You smile with anticipation welcoming the scenes and knowings that await you. Pulling the covers over your head, leaving a small hole for air, feeling the furry pillows envelope your face, drifting off to dreamland….drifting with intention…desiring to see parts brilliant altered realities, visions and ideas you wish to bring to life in the days that follow.

Until finally, you stir. Eyes opening slowly, your focus shifts from foreground to background.  A faint growl can be heard from the depths of your belly.

Rolling over, you realize you are not alone.

And perhaps it’s finally time to greet the day with new visions of hope and inspiration.

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One of My favorite illustrator/painters is Jackie Morris out of the UK. She so perfectly captures, for me,  how it feels to be in a magical space with my spirit allies. Especially, the POLAR BEAR!