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Hi friends! I have been hard at work putting some things together for you. I found, I am also, still on a constant daily path of healing and getting to my core of what makes my heart and soul happy.  Well, and from what I understand about the current astrology combined with my continual cyclical “accidental attractions” it appears we will be walking this path of purifying our heart’s desires for quite a bit! But, hey, that’s oK. You know why? Because the more we peel the layers, and undo the conditioning that is holding us back, keeping us limited and from shining our brightest….the more bright our outer world becomes! The more our daily life reflections, reflect our core beautiful inspirational and loving spirit! So, with that in mind, I had to make myself a little reminder piece and I thought, maybe some of you could use it too. This is a mixed media piece I did awhile back. It is of an original watercolor painting combined with some illustrative graphics. Until now, I didn’t know quite what she wanted to say….years later it is clear! And so I offer it so we all remember this about ourselves………………… Here’s to You…to Me… Us.

bright shiny star2