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It’s always a poignant day when coyote returns. It might be surprising,  living where I do, that we rarely actually see coyotes The song of a lone spirit seeking it’s pack echoes through the canyon at times. Other times, the pack sings together in celebration. But, despite the wilderness I am nestled into, signs of his existence are fleeting, ghostlike, in waves. Here……….then gone.

However, his appearance always indicates a life lesson is on the horizon. A chance to self-reflect and broaden understandings of ourselves and our follies.  Sometimes this means we are too caught up chasing our own tails in a never ending dizzying circle until our egos implode on themselves.  Eventually we just cry “Mercy!” and Hope, the aftermath brings songs of laughter and play.

I have not encountered coyote since last spring. They tend to be most active here in the spring, fall and winter when tracking prey is easiest.   Life in the meantime has been flowing along quite naturally. Enjoying the abundance of summer, welcoming the changes in season and body, continually evolving and growing.

But, yesterday…………………Coyote returned.

Sniffing around the yard a mere 20 feet from my back door. Illuminated by the morning light, fearless.  I grabbed my camera and held my breath. And then I remembered,

“Shit! my cat is outside!”  So, instead of having an intimate peaceful moment, I had to run out and set boundaries.

Coyote darted, but then turned to face me, size me up. I snapped the camera quickly. He wasn’t scared. Maybe a little irked that his focus had been interrupted.  Then he turned and slowly trotted forward, back on task.

I, on the other hand, began calling for my cat incessantly while simultaneously dashing inside enthusiastically anticipating viewing my photos on the big screen.

In the moments in between, my gut knew……………… there was something else happening………..follies……….lessons……….pay attention.

So, I began by reconnecting with previous lessons coyote has offered.  He has brought many to my life.

The first snow of the season is predicted this weekend…timely. I will welcome it with wisdom gained in the past by encounters with my dear old friend.

I have included the links below to the stories of coyote I have written.

I have a feeling, coyote might have something for you too!