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At the beginning. ..all roads seem possible. Commitment to a path can be scary. If we choose one way we ultimately leave behind another…unexplored. ..unknown. This can be a huge conflict for the seeker who wants to experience every dream, every path. I have come to understand that it is the question, “in what way do I wish to know myself deeper, truer? ” as the gateway of making a choice

I wrote this on my facebook page recently and it brought up quite a bit of commentary.  One response to the above statement struck resonance and I recognized it as an opportunity for two like minded- heart feeling souls to find clarity amongst this oceanic feeling of being torn in two…or different directions.  Rose, openly shared that she is

“Trying to decide if I’m looking at a unique blessing/opportunity for exponential growth or am I naively sealing a fate of obsolescence. Is living truer and deeper always from the heart … or does the come a point when we should have learnt from past mistakes and follow head to avoid making ourselves vulnerable? “

Very little pondering was needed to respond.  The answers were already on the surface from my own inner explorations. I was quite literally holding them gently in the palm of my hands and without regard to criticism or judgement had to put them into words.

It went something like this:

I appreciate your depths, Rose! I too find often it is between head and heart. One thing I hope sheds some light, and it’s my opinion, but YES YES YES there are times it is a HEAD choice based on learning from our past mistakes. THIS is evolution..this new knowledge we gain from learning helps us shed the excess, get to the core of WHAT the HEART wants to feel and experience in this lifetime! This ultimately shapes our core values and beliefs as an individual! I believe they work in tandem…the head remembers..recalls…the heart feels the recall…and the two together untangle the doubts…showing us a path that looks welcoming…I don’t think we have to totally dive right in…we can take it one step at a time…each step letting a little more unfolding occur…feeling that unfolding…checking in with our mastermind about it aligning with what we are NOW wanting to draw into our lives.

What was even more synchronicity was the fact that both of us had encountered a Doe crossing our paths earlier in the day…Did I mention Rose lives in the UK? so yeah…despite the distance between, we were undeniably linked!

Rose described her experience as having asked for a sign to help guide her questioning.

I kinda asked for a sign and just as I got to work this morning a full grown Doe ran in front of me about 20 feet away. The symbology of the female deer is bang on the money here encouraging gentleness towards self, heightened awareness and leaps of faith.

Such a beautiful confirmation. I love that she instantly recognized the message was for her and no untangling was needed to get to the core juicy truth of the understanding.

Back across the pond, the BIG POND, my daughters and I had headed up the mountain for an early morning hike.  We were enjoying the scenery and noticed up ahead a doe and a young buck. They were obviously paired and slowly crossed the road in front of us.  I for one was humbled by their pairing as I am currently diligently working to bring my own masculine and feminine selves back into balance as well as coming into relationship with others on this physical plane that reflects a sacred union.  They weren’t scared or frightened, but aware and knew they wanted to get to the other side. I slowed down and spoke softly to the doe. She stopped once safe and turned and looked at me for what seemed like a long time. We stared into each other’s eyes.It was peaceful and assuring.

I too, understood the message given clearly and without cloudiness or judgement.

Vulnerability is the willingness to be present in the moment and FEEL it…FULLY FEEL it…and allow those feelings to inform our core minds, followed by asking our minds to check the memory “files” for anything we can associate it with. AND THEN WE GET TO QUESTION.

  • Does this look like OLD CRAP again?
  • Does this look familiar? like a repeating karmic cycle?
  • I’m curious about this, but maybe need more information before I can step in closer?
  • Does this feel amazing, safe, and divine?
  • I Don’t care what any of it looks like, I am aligned in my truth and I”M GOING FOR IT

VULNERABILITY PAIRED WITH CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE POWER POINT of shaping and shifting our lives into new creations. Creations we desire to align with. Creations that align with our own self truths.

Rose’s doe crossing was medicine for her.

This sacred union of doe and buck was gifted as medicine to me. Medicine I will cherish and carry with me stepping into each day. Navigating the terrain of the unknown. In grace and knowing that vulnerability and consciousness will not lead me astray. That it is only my own truth that is to be discovered!

Aho ! Friends !

May your day be gentle & empowered!