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sky monster

I have been spending almost every night outside drinking up the sky. I marvel at it and I surprise myself at how much I can actually name, place and understand. Most of that because of my ongoing continual education of astrology..albeit amateur. On Wednesday, the day after the full moon, the skies were ominous. Lightening, thunder and “werewolf” style cloud cover kept shape shifting in front of the moon. I was torn between just standing there and getting lost in the mystical – ness of it all and running inside to get my camera. I literally went back and forth with my steps until finally I ran inside. I had a hard time focusing, so it’s little blurry…but what an incredible witnessing. At one point there appeared to be a sky “monster”. I know better though. Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean it’s evil. ya know. For me…there is wisdom in this darkness…this is where we dig deeper and deeper pulling out all the old illusions. The darkness is where these illusions are devoured…by a helping force not of our 3D world. Like the ouroboros…the snake eating it’s own tail, for healing and regeneration!

This has been an incredibly intense week for so many people, myself included. There has been chaos, severing, closure, endings and also hopes being squashed, feelings of abandonment and fear. Although some of these exist only in my own mind…attachment to them still causes suffering.  It’s important in these times to keep showing up for yourself. Showing up in the ways that honor and love who you are. That you keep doing the things you love even if no-one else wants to meet you there.  Keep regenerating those feelings of love, hope, inspiration! Keep lighting your own fire! HAVE COURAGE and BE BRAVE in the face of FEAR! DO IT even if it scares you. Keep going..keep going through ! Embrace the support, the love and the truth that holds you as you go through it! I promise……….

We will come out the other side! And we will be stronger, clearer, wiser because of it. We will be able to more authentically come into LOVE. Love of ourselves, each other and LIFE.