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A desert dweller lives on the fringes. The outskirts, beyond the very edges of conventional society. No-man’s land.

Where desertscapes slither into the never ending horizon. A place where the skies make love to earth creating explosions of color, depth, and intensity  worthy of painted masterpieces.

To some it can seem a lonely place. Oftentimes the rocks, cactus, shrubs and whatever desert animal comes out of hiding are the dweller’s only companions. The sun beats hard and unfiltered. Skies as blue as the bluest turquoise run through the dweller’s veins, pumping, sustaining life force in an environment that constantly seeks to undo…perish it’s inhabitants.

These are the places skins are shed over and over and over. Flesh falls away until all that remains is mere bones. A skeleton of what once was,  transformed into pure, raw, potential. 


For the desert dweller, this is salvation. Living between everything and nothing removed from the desire to construct, shape, form, adhere to any rules structures, beliefs, ambitions or dogma. The only rules here are that you ultimately become nourishment for something else…eventually. Even your own soul.

Most dwellers end up in this extreme terrain devoid of life or humanity by choice. Whether that choice is conscious or unconscious is unique to each seeker. It is a deep calling, deeper than any depth ever descended to. From the dark underworld of mystery and questioning comes a desire to know. What More? Or Less? What is left?

When there is nothing left to see, when everything is stripped away and there is nothing more to contend with except the SELF , the environment, the will to live or to die…existentially…the desert landscape becomes the reflective container in which to fully let go……let go…………let go…….no one to catch the fall, no one to sugar coat the abyss, no one to interfere or derail the process.

After the digesting, breaking down, defecating, purifying, releasing, purging of ALL THAT was once thought to be true finally disintegrates……only then can life begin again.

To the desert dweller, there is nothing more true, more basic, more simple, more necessary than this. This cycle of life.





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