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She stares longingly across the grassy green field. I know her young girl’s dreams well. Mine were the same at her age.

I can tell you this, there were always horses. Everywhere horses!

She gazes off into the morning sun. A backdrop of Rocky Mountains. She is singing along to her favorite contemporary pop tunes playing over the loud speaker. The grounds are primarily filled with women and young girls. All of them either on horseback, tending to horses, or watching and waiting for that magical moment where horse and rider become one while floating above the ground in a perfectly orchestrated dance.

Her heart is filled. And as it becomes bigger, it creates more of a longing. The longing for her own horse.

A horse she comes home to everyday after school. The one companion that is always there to share her deepest most intimate wishes, dreams and heartbreaks. The one friend that would carry her anywhere she wanted to go, as far as her imagination and adventurous spirit desires.

A horse, where on weekends they could ride through meadows, no shoes, no saddle, no saddle pad, or bridle. She in her favorite shorts and shirt and her knapsack slung over her friend’s withers. The tall grass brushing against their legs setting off a spray of brilliant colors as butterflies lift to the sky in dozens.  They would finally find themselves at the edge of a creek where her friend would nibble the sweetest of grasses next to her blanket as she read her latest fiction addiction.  Nothing would disturb them, they were simply in the moment of true bliss. Most important, they are together.

Sometimes she dreams her knight in shining armor will appear outside her window, on horseback and whisper words to draw her out as his one true love to ride under moonlit sky, side by side…….each on their beloved mounts.

There are visions of riding bareback across the wide open plains, her steady powerful friend galloping so fast she believes they can fly, and so she extends her arms out to her side and imagines wings that catch the currents pulling them up into the cotton candy colored clouds.

If ever there was a valiant deed needed to be done, she knows her trusty steed, bow and arrow, and archer’s steady hand will respond with speed.

Oh a young girl’s dreams.

Always horses.Infinite possibilities.

And even in the passing days, year after year, season after season, for some of the girls, those dreams never fade. They only become more vivid. Until, one day, hopeful, those dreams become a reality.