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(December 2015)

very once in awhile Mother Nature smiles down on us.  Just because I live in a small wilderness village in the mountains, doesn’t mean I see a plethora of wildlife everyday. Oh no my dear wild friend. Most of our furry creatures are elusive, cunning, smart, and ethereal.

But once in a blue moon, or sunny day, if you are lucky enough and the timing is right, these mystical yet real characters of our myths and imaginations appear and linger long enough to keep you pondering the encounter for days!

Such was the case for me on Friday!

After two days of being in a cloud of wintery blizzards, the sun finally emerged lighting up a winter wonderland that would rival the Northern states. It was my day to head to Albuquerque to get my kiddos for the weekend and I was running a little late.  Coming down the mountain,  I came around one of our road’s sketchy corners  and slowed my roll.  ( I know this is weird but, ) I spied a fresh pile of scat in the middle of the road. It was obvious against the white snow and I KNEW it wasn’t there when I had  passed the same corner only minutes ago heading up the hill to take my guy home.

Sure enough, a few feet from the pile was the culprit! I stopped the car and reached behind my seat fumbling to unzip my backpack and retrieve my camera. ( who the fuck packs their camera away when the scene looks like the picture above!?) I managed to get it out just in time to watch this amazing fawn colored light footed mystical creature disappear into the shrubs. ARGH!!!

But, leave it to a coyote to embody the role of trickster! I was just about to continue on my way when no sooner did I spy that little prankster  in the middle of the road a mere 50 ft from me!  She had backtracked on me in the hidden bushes and popped back out for a playful encore! Bravo!

I suddenly realized  I wasn’t late at all………. but rather right on time! AND I had my camera ready!

The Lesson? The time is always right and stay open to second chances!