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flock of migrating canada geese birds flying at sunset : Photographer : Unknown

( May 2014)

Nature is always speaking to us.

It doesn’t matter if we are in the wilds or in the city.

I find it interesting that I have just as many messages from GAIA driving back from the city as I do walking in the woods.

Last week driving back from ABQ ; in the city ; pondering my own quest and postcards from a quest, I asked myself big questions.  What am I questing for? love? truth? a vision? freedom? all the happy moments? success? money? abundance?community? true friends?

I was reflecting on past experiences where I had consistently chose “no” people instead of ‘yes” people and how I wanted to build a community of support around “yes” people this year.

Where were my motives? my intentions? what were they exactly??

I knew.

I’ve always known.  My motives and intentions are what drive everything I do. It is my truth. Only I know what it feels like. It is my hope that it reflects in my actions and others can receive it with open hearts.

I began to think about everything I’ve been through over the past three years.

I knew that I could endure the lowest points of humanity…my living conditions,  non existent finances, co-dependent destructive relationships, my own low self esteem and low self worth. I knew I could survive those and even continually create, find meaning, share, be a good mother, and help others in that space….But I was beginning to wonder…..

“Could I do this on the other end of the spectrum? Could I survive, endure and thrive in the space that was so vibrationally high, good, loving, true , uplifting, happy, financially abundant, and full of love? My dreams manifested in reality?

My inner wisdom and compass said of course I could. But, I still needed to experience it!

And I understood. That is my Quest! to swing the pendulum to the other side and see how I fare there!

At that moment, a flock of geese flying into the East out of the West out of death and into new territory, new journeys, new insights, new beginnings, clarity.  Had anyone else seen? We were driving on the highway in Monday morning traffic…did anyone else get this message? Was it only for me?

When I got home, I did a quick search on Goose Medicine and landed directly on the page of

Morningstar Flower & Vibrational Essences

I couldn’t believe what I was reading! Someone else had the same interpretation and experience with seeing geese as I had!Some of the quotes that struck a most relevant chord were:

think of these changes as a “great quest”, that it is all part of the journey of life and I knew in that moment that the skills and tools I needed to navigate these changes were at hand


It is also very important for people in this situation to know that they can find a “spiritual flock” that can support them.


While Goose medicine people do bond strongly with those they love, they also tend to have strong need to travel, if not on the physical, at least in their own imaginations. This ties in with the migratory patterns of Geese as well as their association with stories and myths of far away lands and mystical places. Goose people seem to be happiest in life when they can embark frequently on travel, journeys and quests of some sort.


This can serve them and others very well indeed for if there is a solution or idea that needs to be found, the Goose person will most surely travel far and wide to find it, even if its only on the internet! Give the Goose person an idea for a quest and they will happily take up the challenge. They may not always trust their instincts however and this is a shame as their navigational instincts are excellent.


a new possibility is beginning to open up in my life and a whole new “map” is needed to navigate it. I need to prepare to embark on a new “quest”.


Goose reminds us that we all have our own “flight plan” that is totally accessable to us when we turn within for guidance. We may not always be able to totally see everything that lies ahead of us in life and yet we can learn to trust the wisdom within us that does know and has every potentiality provided for well in advance if we do learn to trust it.


What are you Questing for my friend?

What messages are you receiving from Nature today? Did a wild animal appear for you today? What were you thinking about when you saw it? What was it doing that caught your attention?

Herein lies the answers that you seek!

Herein lies our Wild Natures and intuition.

Take time to listen today to your wild spirit! And remember that we are all connected.