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One of this week’s Writing Yourself Alive prompts was to ponder what we would write given only one week left to live. * note adult language

I was compelled to write a letter. Perhaps something I would want my children to know, or even my future self. Maybe I would just seal up the rant in a box and bury it. A message in a bottle sent out on the waves of the sea, it’s recipient only the Universe knows would align nicely with my romantic nature.

Whether or not anyone would actually deem value in the truths I have discovered in my little short time here is a mystery. Yet, it seems important the words be “out there”. I know many of these statements sound like old “cliches “, but maybe many of us have just actually stumbled upon the same understandings of life.

So, here goes:

Dear Beloved Soul,

If you are reading this, It is my presumption that synchronicity or even serendipity has placed this letter before you. I can also only assume you are human (kind of limited thinking, I know, given technology today.) But, for the sake of what I am about to tell you, let’s just say you are. yes?

As a human, there are trials and tribulations to having a consciousness, soul, spirit, body and mind. These components of our “make-up”, depending on the circumstance, can be our most amazing ally or our worst enemy. But, what I want to tell you is, no matter what :

FUCK all the other voices that keep you small. I don’t know who they are, generally they fall in the categories of family, “friends”, teachers, peers, co-workers. The point is, if these voices are hurtful, demeaning or degrading to the point of holding you back from listening to or following that inner spark inside yourself………then FUCK ‘em! YOUR truth is what makes you feel full in your own skin.

Certainly the “shadowy dark side” is there for a purpose. Contrast. Sometimes we immerse ourselves in this “dark-side”  experience, but it doesn’t mean we have to get lost in it every damn time. It is medicine. It shows us the opposite of bliss so we can know bliss. At times it is necessary to go deep , to find the core, but it is not intended that we live from that space at all every minute of every damn day.  (I’m suddenly flashing through scenes in my mind from the Star Wars Trilogy) In fact, the more you explore and live in the dark side, the more you should also seek the light. Look at it this way, Nature does not live in dark all the time! Look to this Supreme reflection for understanding and guidance.

The older I get and the more I ponder, deconstruct, rearrange, piece back together, search, let go, create drama and trauma I always come to the same answer, the same truth, the same conclusion!

     ” Releasing yourself of judgement, criticism, expectations, and illusionary projections is the KEY. Truly living a life in a state of AWE at ALL of life as it is experienced in your reality is the point. Good, bad, dark, light doesn’t matter. It’s all you! You are alive, and conscious and living! Be humble and in awe that you can even be aware of your existence! All of it”

Since we are on the topic of truth saying, shall I share a bit of mine?

We need to come back to living on the EARTH. Living in family, love, and respect. Honoring each evolutionary step, yes, but always in connection and with reverence to Nature. It is imperative that we preserve wildness in ourselves and our surroundings. Technology has proven beneficial but this obsessive need for over consumption –  over production for power and money, is creating more lack and less love and this planet from which we came will kick the living shit out of us for it. Sure we can hop on another “spaceship” and hurl through space to find new planets….well, someday soon….But, damn if we can’t truly appreciate what we have here first. This planet, IS magic! I am bereft of faith in our species that so many have lost the desire to connect with this planet on a inter-personal level.

Existence and Consciousness in this moment is brief. It is truly mind-blowing, even science is always a step behind. I challenge us then to write human stories of love, compassion, creative moments, and magic in exponential numbers! Do, it! Go! Live it! Be these stories!

Many have said, I am altruistic, a dreamer, an idealist, unrealistic………to a fault. I don’t give a fuck. I’m not done living (despite the title of this letter) or creating new experiences from expansion. I’ m sure I will bump up against the shadow and even spend too much time pondering its depth longer than necessary. But, I’ll tell you this

I will never stop living a life connected intimately to nature. I will never stop creating with my own hands as divinely inspired. I will never stop cracking open new ways to love and share myself with my beloveds. I will never stop looking for ways to create a more mindful, compassionate, altruistic whole.

I will always follow my True North Node !

I will always find a reason to love, laugh, create, play and be grateful.

I hope, my dear beloved friend reading this today. That you too………..Always listen to your inner compass and don’t waste a day not living in AWE of your existence! Then SHARE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL , all of it, WITH THE WORLD!