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If you were to see your reflection in a pool of water, would it look like what you think you look like?

Would it be a clear representation of what you walk around in the world as?

Whenever I feel out of my body and not like myself I head to a pond.

After taking a moment to quiet my mind and sink into my center, I  look around.

How is it that the rocks, trees, and willow reflect a true representation of their form, shape and essence in the pond.

Until there is a ripple that momentarily skews their reality.

But, once the water is calm, their form and shape is back to true reflections.

Out here, there is nothing to disturb their frequencies… human turbulence to interfere with their true nature of being.

It is in this space that I am able once again to hear my true voice, my spirit. I tap back into my guidance system and know my next step.

When all my internal systems have been fried to the point that one little ripple completely skews my self perception…..this pond reminds me,

it is temporary. Be still, calm down, feel the earth beneath you, the sun on your face, the whisper of the wind.

Sink down into your deep Self, let go, and once again reset your calibration system to true YOU!

Then take a look again at your own reflection. If you like what you see…….

head back out in the world!