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photo by Shreve Stockton at The Daily Coyote

(lessons from Coyote are timeless…Written Spring of 2013)

I have proof that the universe and mother nature are in cahoots together.

Did you catch this post when I began sculpting what I thought at the time was a fox?  That was almost two weeks ago.

Since then, it has become obvious that this little creative manifestation is not a fox at all, but rather a wiley coyote come to teach me some very important lessons!

This week I got to work more on the “fox”. I did some filing, shaping, glazing.   As I worked on refining details I became more intimate   with the piece and settled into full attentiveness of it’s creation. I kept thinking “Spirit Dog, Spirit Dog” over and over. This wasn’t a fox at all, but rather a Spirit Dog, often referred to as coyote around these parts.

Satisfied with the sculpture’s reworking, I set it down to dry, brushed the shavings and dust off the desk onto cardboard and walked outside to shake off the excess.  Within seconds a loud “ping” sound echoed from below the deck. Shale began sliding down the hillside across from me and I looked up just in time to see a big, beautiful, bushy, healthy coyote!

It stood equal to me directly across from my position. Standing motionless, we both watched each other intently, not daring to move.  I breathed shallow breaths as he lifted his nose and wiggled it back and forth testing the air for my scent.

I was dying  to go grab my camera from inside, but I knew if I moved he’d be gone in a flash and I would miss the fullness of the moment.  Eventually, he chose to glide off into the woods trying his best to remain unseen.

Once back inside I plopped down on the couch and began to journal about the timeliness and magic of the encounter! Afterall, I had literally just finished sculpting a Spirit Dog fetish!

Enter Wiley!

The cabin was quickly filling with a burnt waxy smelling smoke.  WTF? Turns out, the small bowl I had turned upside down over the heater upon which my little spirit dog fetish was drying apparently had an old melted candle inside and it was now melting down into the furnace!

Quickly I turned off the heat, removed the bowl and as I went to pick up my spirit dog, he fell to the floor and broke an ear for the third frickin’ time.  Not only were my immediate efforts undone, now I had to open the door and windows and turn off the heat to let out the wax smoke. Did I mention this is  all going on while we are having our first HUGE cold front and snow storm! Yeah! Freezing cold smoky cabin and a broken creative vision.

Nearly in tears, I remained perplexed at the duality of living in such a place! One moment nature is communing directly with my spirit through the visitation of a coyote, honoring my divine creative process and the next the universe is teaching me a lesson about encountering and welcoming in this particular spirit ally medicine!

All I can do is laugh! I laugh because the whole scenario reminds me of Wiley Coyote from the cartoon of my younger days. The guy who was always being done in by his own antics. Albeit never truly destroyed, he’d come back after each turn of fate with a new idea and try with all his might to succeed again!

So, that’s exactly what I did!

It took an extra week to finally finish Spirit Dog. I had to re-work him at least three times.  But, I knew that as long as I kept a playful approach, gave him undivided attention, trusted the process, and didn’t give up that eventually he would reward me!

Well, today I received that award! As I held him complete in the palm of my hand, I could still feel the essence of the coyote that stood on my hillside staring at me intently!  I knew he would have had quite the giggle at all my antics and I know he will be back when life gets too serious!

Below are a few of the words that channeled after my divine Spirit Dog encounter! Perhaps you resonate with some of these?

Wonder * Curiosity * Fearless * Attentive * Still * Listening * Asking * Testing * Assessing * Stealthy * Silent * Light Foot * Blending * Elusive * Watchful * Knowing * Graceful Ghost * Diligent * Respectful * Equal * Acute * Awareness * Selective * Affirmative * Responsive * Aware * Willing!

what is your wild spirit journeying to learn today?