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As much as I love still photography, the desire to work more with video has been creeping up on me for quite some time. Last year I began to acquire the necessary equipment, and here and there would shoot video. But, that was as far as it went. I had no idea how to work with the footage I was taking. Although I am quite masterful in Photoshop (which has been decades for me to do), there existed much apprehension about stepping into Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a huge platform and has so many tracks to work with when incorporating moving images, sound, music, transitions and effects.

But, the longing and visionary ideas were becoming more and more pressing. So, I took the plunge and dove into a class on Skillshare to learn the basics of the software. What a trip! almost 4 days later, I have completed the course and feel really confident about using Premiere. I am surprised by how much I enjoyed the program and how quickly I was able to learn. I was also quite pleased at the intuitive similarities between Photoshop and Premiere.  Sometimes it pays to just go for it and learn something new! AND, I am so stoked on this new skill that there is bound to be more VLOGS here . Photography will always be my first love………But, I am ready to expand into new terrain! What do you say? Wanna see the video I made as my “homework” for the course? …………….OKay…….

here ya go! and Also, don’t forget to subscribe and like the YouTube channel for Sacred Terrain! This is where future videos will be posted and shared!

(music : Roll The Bones : By Shakey Graves)

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