What we


Sacred Terrain is a one woman operation located on a high desert mesa in Northern New Mexico. Creator, Meekah Sage lives on 40-acres off the grid where she designs exclusive essential textiles for pioneering spirits seeking sacredness on their own evolutionary soul path. At Sacred Terrain, the sun (solar) powers the sewing machine that creates the garments, quilts, & textiles.  Items are also hand sewn offering special care and attention to detail sometimes infusing deeper symbolic meaning into a piece. Water for naturally dying fabrics is harvested through rainwater catchment systems...the only source of water for the home and creative studio (The Fox Den) where all textiles are crafted. Meekah spends a portion of everyday connecting deeply, intimately and in reverence to the natural landscape where inspiration is derived and the voice of her own spiritual truth awakens.

Who Is Meekah

Hi! I am Meekah Sage, and I am the creator, designer, photographer, gypsy soul behind Sacred Terrain. Here, at the Sacred Terrain blog, you will find compelling and insightful photos, videos, story & insider peeks at the creations inspired by a life lived intimately with the spirit of nature!

A seeker, creative pioneer and philosophical existential thinker, I am always seeking the sacred within myself as it is reflected in the external world! This sacredness is channeled through creating unique and exclusive textiles and visual art, play, travel, love, lifestyle, collaborative projects, volunteer efforts, motherhood and a desire to help seed a new paradigm! 

A huge proponent of the tiny-home, van-life, Airstream, " lessen our eco- footprint" movement, I have lived both on and off the grid,  in a tiny cabin in the backcountry of CO, in a 28ft. airstream and now on 40-acres of desert mesa land.  These are also the values  you will find expressed through exclusive creations at The Sacred Terrain Shop!  where I use natural and environmentally friendly dyes & fabrics & all items are handcrafted using solar power and rain catchment systems!


My mission through sharing story, photographs & creating unique textiles is to fuel passion, organize wonder & share awe! It is my mission to inspire others to discover the known and unknown parts of both our inner and outer landscapes! To create a space that encourages adventure and exploring new life affirming experiences.  And above all to know ourselves intimately and spiritually connected to nature. To know what it means to stand in our own truth.