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Hi. As a free-lance and staff photographer for over 20 years, with a BA in Illustration/Advertising Photography from Brook's Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA..I am thrilled to be able to offer a variety of services in this field!

Please check out the offerings below to see what suits your needs. Feel free to contact me with any questions or curiosities.

I look forward to working with you.

“Meekah Sage is unparalleled in vision and sweet sweet soulness ”

Wendy Andrews

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Are you wanting captivating beautiful one-of-a kind images of you or your loved ones that will inspire awe for a lifetime?

When time seems to slip by quickly and we are constantly reinventing ourselves or experiencing life affirming moments, it's important to capture these moments to hold dear, reflect on and cherish. Each phase of life holds an authenticity of SELF. I would be honored to see that in YOU and YOUR beloveds. Let's create this moment together!

A 2 hour on location (of your choice) shoot. Includes all post-production & a private on-line gallery. You will receive your images on a CD for you to keep and print from as often as you like in all your preferred sizes and formats for personal use!



Are you looking for a unique way to convey your pioneering journey? Do you need someone who can create images that authentically interpret your unbounded tale ? Are you ready to tell the world who you are? I CAN HELP!

As an award winning journalist,  photojournalist, and blogger,  I understand the power of story to convey a message. I am a visionary storyteller who can weave together complex ideas into one of a kind images. Published in such magazines as Mary Engelbreight's Home Companion Magazine, The Northern Horse Source, Hoofprints, The Prescott Daily Courier, The Mountainview Telegraph, The Independent, The Albuquerque Journal, and Kudos, AZ.

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Are you in need of powerful and effective images to attract more attention to yourproduct or business? Are you looking to share your valuable ideas with the world and need captivating visuals to tell your story? Do you need someone who understands your artistic vision and can help you articulate your individual mood, concept, or theme?

As an artist, entrpreneur I have not only successfully provided such powerful images for myself but also for others. My images have helped promote indie american folk band decker. , promoted ceremonial Rites of Passages through Owl & Hawk Rites of Passage, been used exclusively for shamanic journeying workshops for Louisa Kolker, to name a few. If you need someone who can walk between the worlds with you and help to bridge your infinite self in this 3 dimensional world...I am here to help!

$ Prices vary on based on project needs